nis" With Faskit I have recovered my illusion for Range Rover. At first I had an Efi gasoline Classic which gave me very good moments for 15 years and which I still keep. Later I acquired a New Range P38. The problems were constant. When I discovered Faskit. Everything changed. For a start I could have the car with no worries while the problem was solved. I gave me a chance to think about it. Faskit has given me confidence in my Range and that permits me to travel even to Africa because if something happens I can inflate the suspension even in the middle of the desert … with the system compressor. And that in case there is gas station nearby."
Alejandro Linati .All Terrain Rally Driver, participant in 5 Spanish Championships and finalist in Paris Dakar Rally, ex-Trial pilot, Autor of "Initiation to Moto Cross, Trial And All-Terrain"

Faskit is a good idea. It really saves me time, money and effort. It's exactly what I've been looking for and my order arrived very quickly. In 4 days arrived at Holland.Thank you very much.
Marcel Deucht. Tilburgo.Holand. Range Rover P38 Dse. 

I was just thinking how Faskit have helped me a lot lately, so I thought I'd drop you an email to show you how much I appreciate your help. Thank you, my car has never had so much safety. 
Matthias Ludwig. Berlin. Germany. Range Rover P38. 

Thank you very much, Faskit it works perfectly. I didn't have to bring it to the garage anymore! 
Juan Francisco Rojas. Granada. Spain.Range Rover P38. 

I received the Faskit yesterday. I would like to say that I am very pleased with all aspects of my purchase.
1. The ease of ordering 
2. The kit and the instructions are very complete
3. The installation is easy
Thank you very much
Felix Esteban Sancho. Guadalajara. Spain. Range Rover P38. 

I Got my Faskit and you were right! This is simply unbelievable! Actually works. The suspension problems finished ! Thanks
Jonny Gutierrez. Zulia. Venezuela. Range Rover P38. 

I installed Faskit in a Range Rover of 97 and I must admit I was surprise that Faskit actually works ! Faskit has done exactly what they say. I reccomend 100%. Thanks
Alvaro Sandoval. Montcada y Reixach. Barcelona. Spain. 

Thanks so much for getting my order out so quickly. It is very easy to install. It's exactly what I've been looking for. It's an ingenious and excellent device. Thank you very much
Bartolomé Garrido. Badajoz. Spain. Range Rover P 38. 

You give excellent service, its nice have an order arrive two days earlier. I really need my car for work. Thanks.
Salvador De Lorenzo. Ibiza.Spain. Discovery 3. 

I ordered the Faskit on a Saturday and I got it ahead of scheduled delivery! Talk about service! Thanks anyway! I will definitely refer your site. 
Jean Noel Florit. Marsella. France. Range Rover P38 Dse.

I am truely impress how this little gadget really works. Faskit is really going to save me money this year. I'm pleased. Thank you very much.
Juan Marcelo Lopez. Córdoba Capital. Argentina.Range Rover P38. 

My car never looked so good! Was tired of the air suspension. This has been the solution. Thank you very much.
Monika Blocher. Berna. Suiza. Range Rover P38. 

I have a Discovery 3 and I have put the Faskit. . Had doubts if It would work but the truth is that solves the problem. In a trip by Morocco Faskit solved me of the difficulty without problems. Thank you for everything. 
Antonio Rodríguez. Algeciras. Cádiz - Spain.Discovery 3. 

Thank you very much for the continuous support in technical problems of my car. Its been a month since I bought Faskit and you still help out. Greetings.
Antonio Morales. Madrid. Spain. Range Rover P38. 

Hi, just wanted you to know I got the Faskit and everything was good and in order, im impressed with your professionalism. Thanks.
Bill Mc Donough. Phoenix. Arizona. Range RoverP38. United States. 

Congratulations for the original idea and the swift action on my order. Sincerely.
Enrique Del Valle. Madrid. Spain. Range Rover P38. 

Finally, a website where I find a solution to the failure of the air suspension. Now I don't need to leave my car in the garage for weeks.Thanks.
Pedro Morlans. Valencia. Spain. Range Rover Classic. 

I have a Range Rover Classic. My air suspension has never been so sure here in the desert, my compliments on the prompt service.
Luis Sanchez del Rio. Almeria. Spain.Range Rover Classic. 

I recently purchased a Faskit, and am already impressed by the immediate difference. I put it on my Range Rover and saw great improvement in my security at my trips. Thanks and I am recommending it to some of my coworkers.
Chris Bailey Lewin. Florida. United States. Range Rover P38 Dse. 

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